My research is about free will, moral responsibility, rationality, respectful treatment and the philosophy of psychiatry

We find the problems on a psychological rather than a metaphysical level – we are seldom as rational as we would like to think

My research focuses on free will, moral responsibility, rationality, respect, and the philosophy of psychiatry.

I have argued for compatibility, and the thesis that free will and moral responsibility are possible, no matter what the physical and neurological details look like.

The problems we find at a psychological rather than metaphysical level – we are rarely as rational as we want to believe.

However, we still have to make decisions and choose what to do to the best of our ability.

It is sometimes possible – albeit often unethical – to view and treat other people as objects to manipulate rather than people to reason with. Treating yourself fully in that way is not even possible in the first place.

My research in the philosophy of psychiatry has emerged partly from previous research and partly from my own experiences of psychosis.

We are now seeing a development in which more philosophers in the field are open about and using their own experiences. This is a positive thing, and something I am happy to be a part of.

I have also researched and published in applied ethics, mainly animal ethics.

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