In the autumn of 2018, I started writing fiction, with the aim of making something fun and creative out of old psychotic horror experiences.

Based on these, I created a fictional world where demons, magic and cyborgs not only exist, but are everyday and self-evident to the inhabitants of that world.

I first saw fictional writing as a fun hobby alongside philosophy, nothing more.

Now, however, I am developing it into a whole genre-crossing book series with features of fantasy, science fiction, horror and dystopia, which I hope to get published eventually.

Writing has also accelerated my drawing. In the late nineties I went to art school for two years; for a short period, I even thought about pursuing a professional career as an artist.

That did not happen, but I have continued to draw as a hobby. Now I draw characters and scenes from the books I write, and post the pictures on my Instagram account.

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